Colleville-sur-Mer, Lower Normandy

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. A temporary cemetery was established in 8 Jun 1944.  The current one that was is just a short distance away contains the remains of 9,387 American soldiers & three women over its 172 acres.  While the names of 1,557 Americans that could not be located or identified are engraved on a semicircular garden walls.  6 Jun 1969 a time capsule of news reports on the day of the landings on Normandy was placed by newsmen that were there on 6 Jun 1944, underneath a pink granite slab engraved 'To be opened June 6, 2044'.

Within the thousands of burials there are soldiers with the Medal of Honor, including President Theodore Roosevelt son Theodore Roosevelt, Jr, to which later after the creation of the cemetery, Quentin Roosevelt that was killed in World War I, was unearthed and reburied next to his brother.

Other notable burials include:

Lesley J. McNair: U.S. Army general, one of the two highest-ranking Americans killed in World War II

Jimmie W. Monteith: Medal of Honor

Frank D. Peregory: Medal of Honor

Preston Niland and Robert Niland