Perfect World Project




I applied while travelling through Europe to Singapore to a new beyond reality challenge based British national TV show called 'The Perfect World Project' (PWP)


10 contestants will complete on 9 live out this world challenges on a sun-drenched remote villa island. One person will leave each episode until the most worthy & deserving person is left the winner.
They will gain access procession of the coveted PWP (Perfect World Project) Black Card. Preloaded with a 6 figure sum & attached to the world's premier concierge service with VIP & luxuries extra.

Over the duration, they will be followed by a TV camera crew recording them living their Perfect World.
Following on from the initial 3 months the winner I'll be given the opportunity to take on the role of 'The PWP Ambassador' in which they will sample experiences for the following year as well as acting as the spokesperson for the subsequent seasons.



A social experiment that asked the question back in 2012 'Can money truly buy happiness?'
Brainstormed into a TV show that's been built up via social media to try to answer that question.



Due to a friend originally sending me the form saying this shows got my name wrote all over it, I just filled out the form while travelling at the time not thinking anything more. 8wks later I got an email stating I'd made it to the next stage. I can't remember the questions, I can't remember my answers, 'What the hell have I applied for?' it was time to do my research.


STAGE 2 - 1000 2 MIN VIDEOS:
I fly back to the UK from Bulgaria with 2 days left of the closing date to make my video. Running to literally meters from a track around a huge hotel to start my filming, my dog Gizmo crosses paths with me leading me to stack my 200lb body at speed knee first into the gravel road. Three deep lacerations and a leg full of blood. This now becomes the opening screen of my video 'One times dog, one times injury' that gets me through to interviews in either Manchester or London.

I walk past the CEO of the show Lamborghini and PWP Ranger Rover parked on the steps of the top hotel in Manchester all day, that must have cost a fortune, I enter a complete floor booked out, full of hopefuls.
Stacks of confidence in my three piece Huge Boss suit and Churchill shoes I should be, my body tells me otherwise. I discovered this by my shaking glass of water in my hand at the end of the room. I don't take the water back over to a large group circle of people as intended now, I don't even turn around, neck the water, hands quickly buried into my pockets, spin around and put my poker face on. What the hell is this sensation? This is a weird sensation for me as I've not experienced this in over a decade. I am feeling confident regardless of the shakes and smash through as the long day pushes on.
Eventually, I enter an X Factor layout for my 5th and final style interview this time the main one.

10mins of questions from a panel of 3 people with the CEO centre stage. I ride it like a cowboy catching cattle with ease, apart from massively missing one that I even had got a sneaky head ups about before entering. 7mins  in I get told I'll have a 1 minute timed period to tell them something I'd not already told them. I had managed to tell what seems like my life by this time. The timer starts and 15secs later I freeze up and start the longest 45secs of my life. Proper awkward cowboy tweed of utter silence moment. I even crack a joke at how awkward this is. I make it to through.


The ways you could campaign over a long 6wks were endless; social media post on all platforms, videos, door to door, flyers, posters, events, t-shirts. Your imagination was your limit.
From the word go one contestant cleared the floor on every other 49 contestants battling out to make it in the top 20 highest that would automatically go through to the next stage via putting the leg work in clocking up miles every day on top of doing Facebook Lives.
I tried people to do shoutouts, main radio stations, newspapers, shopping centers to get every door slammed in my face. Guessing due to it being a new TV show with no channel attached to it.
My iron fist was my military service and boy what a fist that was. Serving my country for 9yrs in the British Royal Marine Commandos, that's the longest and some say the most arduous training in the world really gave me support like no other. 'You serve your country and your country will serve you.
Instead of miles and miles of foot patrol. I don my pesty short shorts. Sun out top off nips out, beers in my hand in the back of the garden and beasted social media.

My very good friend helped produce an 18sec video that tries's to captivate me and my travelling that has been watched organically by over a quarter a million people.

So I produced more videos. Racing track video showing how quick it is to vote for me. Tequila Q&A Slammers that saw me finish a whole bottle in 44mins to an Eye-Ball Paul. A goth one wearing a dog collar. Spring cleaning with nothing on apart from many cats heads apron & a feather duster.


This gets me climbing the ladder from 14 positions in the first 24hrs of the 6wks to overtaking the contestant in the last 9 days that had dominated 1st position since the beginning with no slowing down.
Final day when everyone that still competing gives their biggest push. I instead put my phone away 9hrs before the finish line time and focus on my Disney Live Grand Finale 15 Course Banquet. 43,000 people tune in to watch me for 1h16m eating 10 'adventurous foods' followed by 4 of the world's hottest chilli's starting with the Carolina Reaper just in case I didn't make it through I wanted to know least I done the world's hottest, to then finish a full jar of the Cinnamon Challenge.

I finish PWP Stage 4 Public Vote in 1st with quite a margin, next stage, please.


As stated in my 250K viewed 18sec vid that if I got through then I would reveal my now 2nd Ace up my sleeve, after the view count of my vid was my 1st Ace.

This was to go down 1.5day early to Birmingham where Stage 5 would be held. Purpose to win the hearts and minds of the 2nd biggest city in the UK, to throw the contestants off their A-game before they even got there, while advertising the show as the Post-It Note Man. Consisting of 700+ notes of things I would do if I won the show.
I had a contestant that hosted me that unfortunately didn't make it through to Stage 5 help me with his girlfriend, while I had a contestant that made it through to the next, so should have really been seen as my competition help as we had grown very good friends. I also had 4 people from outside the city and London that I had never met come to help too. The support was unbelievable, I was so thankful.

We hit the city hard putting smiles of people of all ages but it was the glow in the faces of the little ones that really touched our hearts. Everyone that got a picture with me to upload a copy of it onto the PWP Facebook page. We overtook and sabotaged their page. They loved it and even featured one on the front wall. Mission a huge success.



Situated in some of the best hotels in the city over 2 days. Consisting the first day of 2 mini challenges 'Acts of kindness' & 'Perfect World Picture'. This was not only for us to get to know each other more but also for the PWP team to see who are leaders, gray people, who easily gels, and see anyone conflicts. At the end of each challenge, we were then called in one at a time to secretly rank 1-5 every one if them according to the question you got.

My first was 'Rank in order who you think will be on the show' I automatically put myself at top #standard ha.


My second one in the afternoon was 'Rank who you think desires to win'. I got absolutely grilled for my top choice. I put a contestant above me. The on-slaughter of questions began. 'Why you think they should win more than you?' I answered 'cause even though I feel I have a good end state if I won with 'Inspiring Others, I feel their wish to open a rehabilitation center for veterans that suffer PTSD and disabilities as there isn't one in Wales more desiring'. 'So if they won you would be happy?' 'Yes' I answered. I continue to get interrogated and bombarded with questions about this choice till the final question due to how I answered it 'So if you won you would be happy to hand it over to them?' I stood back and said 'I know what you're trying to do here and get me to raise to this so I'll state my answer clearly again as no that's not what I said, I stated that if they won then I would be super happy for them, but if I won, well then I've won'.


The night is dressing up to the nines, suits, and dresses to have a massive last supper style table put on for us at the Michelin Starred Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse with our own acrostic playing for us followed by a cocktail making class. What a night, spent laughing and conversing with some amazing larger than life people.


Final day consists of the Final Interviews and green screen filming. The Interviews were broke up in 4 x 15min rooms that were all perfectly timed. The went in order of; psychologist which I was wetting myself laughing turning up dressed as the Post-It Note Man to see if I was mentally sane for TV and the aftermath. Next was two room with a female in each that turned out to one being the good cop and the other being bad cop. Finally was the CEO on his own this time.

His first question I somehow stupidly preempt and was the only thing I regret over the whole 2 days. His opening line was to tell him stuff about myself he doesn't already know for 5mins. Stupidly I went into a pilot mode of telling him a timeline of my life from birth till running out of time at one year to current date. Why I didn't use this opportunity to 'sell me myself' has bugged me ever since. Something I planned to correct.


Finally, we wrap up the day with green screen filming which is pure comedy energy as each person goes through set things to perform. The skills people were pulling out were amazing, to say the least. Such a great way to end our massive 2 days.

Met some phenomenal kind and funny people, while also utterly grateful for the length, effort, cost and all round greatness that the CEO and PWP Team putting on for us all.