Slovenia: Triglav 2,864m

Why can’t I do just the highest summit like a normal person?


0730 I tackle the mountain from Trenta, the western side. First I go through a brief hike through a wooden trail which then opens onto a flowing stream. 75m up the right side, I go with my gut feeling with no signs or markers but a bare rock line cutting across the left choice, the track straight on which I do not choose; instead wisely I hike trough another woods again. Submerging out onto a trans-versing rubble path that seems endlessly zigzagging up the mountain side then swapping mountains once it’s boring. With miles in my legs, I reach my planned first checkpoint hut, Koča na Doliča.


My very friendly ‘Ciao’ results in me making 3 German friends instantly. Unfortunately one the ‘sausage man’ (due to having celebration sausages at summits) is carrying a knee injury. I take his place and join the 2 remaining Germans to the summit. Just over an hour later and its sausages and banana celebrations all round. I crack a quick witty joke about the established year flag sign on top of the emergency bunker ‘1895’ being the wrong summit height, and then we are off down again as the visibly it too poor. Fog selfies are all that can be achieved. We pick up an Austrian lady on the route down that had lost her pack and guide her back to now the Dom Planika pod Triglavom hut. With average 100-200+ beds per hut at €12-€14 a night my head goes into number crushing overdrive; these guys are racking it in, even if only full for 4 months a year. After another but final half hour chillax, we depart our ways and this is where the craziness starts.


What was intended to be one checkpoint hut, the highest summit then see the main lake of the seven lakes on the way down. Instead, it leads to me getting my shifty on, with my go fast trainers and fell running another 2 summits (Kanjavec 2,568m, and Velika Zelnarica 2,320m) seeing two lakes, and hi5’ing a third hut (but fourth hut visit), Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih. I even have to deploy my Batman signal touch for the last 1.5 hr through the woods of Narnia that is a different route back. I always aim never to do the same route twice, it mentally breaks me.

13.5hrs, 18.5miles / 30kms, and 3,621m total climbed, and I am finally back at my Votel; a complete and utter broken man, and I love it. Northwestern Slovenia you have been an absolute pleasure. You are truly beautiful.