Andorra: Coma Pedrosa 2,943m

Forced race of Andorra's highest summit it seems. The predicament of Bla Bla Car (car sharing) timings against the altitude over distance climb reality force me to don my go fast feet on. Brisking through a woodland passageway over convenient foot bridges that shadow flowing mountain rivers. Stepping step after step of the never ending steps of the natures staircase.


Come over the brow into a peaceful valley of quilted grass. Hidden away retreat behind a hill top to the left of ark. My vision so far has been intruded by only 4 separate people. Misconceive of thinking this is a lonely place, as it only gets lonelier. The latter half of the summit & return reveal only myself and my empty hi5 hand.


Scramble rock under my footing is replaced when the real fun starts. As finding myself instead stroking a dirty midget glacier. The fun not only gets my heart thumping like a grease ball bailiff with a tattoo of a gammy stump legged seagull to show how thug life he is as he thumps on someone's door; but to have it now tapping on the inside of my skull for safe measures, oh the joys.


I enter the bowl to discover the obvious lake. Power climb further up which results in my first and last time to have a sit-down and serious word with myself. Check my shoulders and crack on moment. Take a man up pill and shut the f-up bleep in my life.


Time for a bit of finger play, as I have a brief but good scramble. A few more dents in the Gladiator’s conveyor belt and the summit is reached. The power of the selfie with a hint of panoramas while letting the storm clouds creep up behind me and am off back to the Votel with my go fast stripes firmly licked on.


2h37m up and 1h33m down over the advertised 5hrs to just the summit, 4.5hrs if you’re fit. Andorra it’s been a pleasure.


Time to treat myself to a 3hr Bla Bla Car journey rolled into a dog toffee minus 4hr sleep to eat…erm….repeat with 4 new Bla Bla Car passengers to Montpelier for a full 12hr making shapes at Family PikNik with 2 of them.  This must be what shit life feels like.


Only 2 slips, this is no PB higher or lower number. Stu Ginge I will not let you down next time.