Lord Minister Matthew Paul Disney RM


I am a former corporal in the British Royal Marine Commandos for 9yrs turned world adventure traveller.

Since 10 Aug 2012, I seised every possible time off work to travel. Over the first 3 years, I learned the best way to travel. To see whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. It wasn't by planes, trains, boats; but wheels.

I originally fantasised about an epic motorbike journey with the fresh air, the ease, cost and the freedom; but it lacked in other major areas.

I wanted to be able to have the option to travel and host other people. Cut accommodation fees. Have the option for cooking facilities. Have no storage limitations, while offering security. Where I could keep on top of my fitness. Be able to wash and administrate myself. Chillax in, and most of all somewhere I could call ‘Home’. Four wheels it was.

My means of travel, my transport, my vehicle now complete. My accommodation, my hotel also now complete. Vehicle + Hotel = Votel. The Votel is born.

Now I've currently been 54 countries most corner to corner and 18 countries highest summits.

My Quest:
To see all the other countries sights. The different walks of life. The different cultures and traditions. The different ways people live a life all around the world. While completing all the highest summits.

My Aim:
To Inspire Others.

My Why:
Cause 'The world is too big to live a life in one place'.